Individual Cuts

Enjoy a variety of individual cuts from Riverbend Wagyu! We currently have a number of cuts of steaks, roasts, and specialty cuts available as well as our ground beef—a truly versatile beef staple in our house!

All orders will ship on Tuesday. Orders placed before 4:00 pm (PT) on Monday will ship the next day. All orders after that will ship the following Tuesday.

Please reach out to with any questions.

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Partner With Us

Riverbend is proud to offer partnerships with restaurants dedicated to offering high-quality beef on their menu. Chefs and food professionals understand the importance of both flavor and freshness, and our family provides both with Riverbend American Wagyu.

We offer a tasting kit for restaurants interested in adding Riverbend Wagyu to their menu. Including a variety of cuts for you to prepare in your own kitchen, our tasting kit will provide just a taste of what Riverbend Wagyu could inspire for your next menu items!

If you’re interested in adding great-tasting, family-raised Riverbend Wagyu to your menu, please contact Dustin at for more information about our tasting kit.

Meeting The Needs of Our Customers

Riverbend Wagyu offers two varieties of product with our beef in order to meet the standards of our varied customers. Both product lines focus on sustainable practices and the welfare of our animals, but the difference is in the diet—we offer the choice between 100% grass-fed and finished Wagyu beef, or grain-finished Wagyu beef.

Wagyu is said to be a healthier type of beef due to its high content of monounsaturated fat and omega 3 and omega 6, among other nutrients. It’s important to understand the unique benefits of each of our product lines, as our aim is to meet the nutrition needs and goals of our customers who are looking for either of these options to incorporate into their individual diets.

For specific questions about either of our finished beef options, please don’t hesitate to contact Dustin at

Grass-Fed & Finished Wagyu Beef Benefits

Wagyu grass-fed and finished beef has a number of positive health benefits linked to the nutrients found in the meat, including high levels of monounsaturated fat as well as heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids—likened to the same benefits we find in olive oil! Other benefits found to be associated with grass-finished beef include high levels of Vitamin E, beta carotene, B vitamins, and linoleic acid—a type of fat thought to reduce heart disease and even risk of cancer. The incredible natural marbling of true Wagyu beef makes adding these extra health benefits an easy choice when it comes to great-tasting beef.